H1N1 Flu – A Pandemic is Declared!

Even the World Health Organization (WHO), increased the global pandemic alert amount to Stage 6 in a reaction to the ongoing international spread of this influenza virus. A Stage 6 designation implies that a pandemic is penalized.

The outbreak of this H1N1 flu (formerly referred to as the Swine influenza ) has generated much panic amongst the masses. Panic isn't warranted, although I believe that it's okay to be worried about the circumstance.

Yes, preparedness to manage the H1N1 flu is good, however, preparedness by being ill-informed does not help the situation and this is exactly the sort of thing that creates panic.

Do I need to wear N95 masks (respirators)?

Many people wear N95 masks, to "protect themselves" from the H1N1 flu while interacting with one another. If you are looking to buy a N95 mask, then visit at https://www.u-mask.eu/n95-masks.

N95 face mask

Health officials say masks can help, but only if the person wearing the mask ensures a sealed fit, then it will offer significant protection.

Before I conclude, one point worth mentioning is that H1N1 flu viruses are not spread by food. That is to say, you cannot contract the flu virus from eating pork or pork products. Consuming safely handled and cooked pork products are safe.

In conclusion, it is necessary to take precautions as outlined in this article to prevent contracting or spreading the virus. Being stressed and worried does not help the situation, if in doubt if you or your child are feeling sick, contact your local health care provider before rushing to the emergency. Unless of course, you see warning signs warranting to do so.