What Are The Basic Dog Supplies Needed By A New Dog Owner?

You have acquired a new friend and now you are taking him or her home. You are excited about the prospect of having a four-legged friend i.e, a dog in your home, and are waiting to spend some nice time with him or her.

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But before you take your four-legged friend home, you need to ask yourself these questions.

Food and water boxes

This should be done before you bring your four-legged friend home. You can use a steel bowl from the kitchen or buy one from a pet supply store. If you wish and have decided on your dog's name, you can erase the name on the bowl.

Puppy or dog food

You have to have it again. You may want to feed him what you eat, but feeding your four-legged companion specially formulated dog food is a good idea as it is a balanced diet your dog needs for necessary growth and general well-being.

First aid kit for dogs and first aid books

You never know when your curious puppy or dog might get hurt. Therefore, a dog first aid kit is a must and of course, a first aid kit is definitely useful in an emergency.