Use Business Intelligence Features to Make Calculated Decisions

Making decisions based on intuition and experience can bring company revenue to fall. Decisions based on numbers produce better results and ensure predictive business results, income encourages and assists in business continuity planning. You can get power automate templates to provide a cover page with report information, business and technical contacts, and a changelog.

Companies that rely on decisions based on information that outperforms and produce better results. While decisions based on numbers and information available are very important, the company's business intelligence system must be in a position to provide real-time and accurate information.

At present, the organization has realized the need for information, but they follow obsolete practices in exchanging and processing information. This leads to a lot of waste working hours and has a negative impact on labor productivity.

Datamensional - Ad Hoc and Business Intelligence Reporting

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Where is the data?

Thousands of data every day are generated and stored in Excel sheets, which are distributed by information workers and managers. This data is shared between the management team and is further processed for decision making. 

The process of exchanging and processing this data to form the meaning of full reports requires a lot of time and effort. Because of this, the decision-making process is delayed and may have a negative impact on the organizational strategic plan.

In addition, the data is in an isolated system located in scattered locations, and assessing this data from a geographically scattered location into a boring task. Information is also located in Silo and takes it into a boring task.