Rehab Centers in New Jersey

Rehab Centers require longer stays in residential addiction treatment centers to help reduce the high rate of relapse. Most rehab centers offer a standard 30-day program which includes a short period of detoxification.

This has been the standard since the 1970's when the US Air Force established the 30-day model so airmen could return to duty without being reassigned. The was no medical research to back up the 30-day stay but it caught on and across the country cookie-cutter programs were established.

Rehab Centers have been charting the rate of patient relapse for 30 years and the numbers have been discouraging. Numbers can be manipulated and there is always fluctuation but an honest average is probably around 65% relapse rate in facilities across the country.

You can also practice drug and alcohol intervention programs at intervention rehab centers in NJ.

Understanding Drug Addiction & Abuse The Recovery Village

Clients are always told to take responsibility for their actions and now the rehab industry is taking their own advice. CAT Scans which are able to chart the changes in the brain as a client moves through phases of addiction treatment indicate that 30 days is an insufficient number of days to reach cognitive repair.

Drug Rehab Centers that require patients to stay an extra 6 weeks to 12 weeks have shown promising results.

Studies using brain scans show that damage done by chronic drug abuse affects the addict's ability to deal with emotional issues and also affects the ability to retain information.

There appears to be an improvement in brain functioning after 30 days which would allow the patient to begin to understand and retain information and become honest with a therapist about those issues that trigger a relapse.