International School Selection Checklist

Are you looking for good international schools in Bangalore for your children? Are you pressured by the options available to you? Your welcome to amity international school in Amsterdam.

Are you having trouble making good decisions? Read this checklist. This will help you make better, smarter and more informed decisions.

  • Does the school really have an international image?
  • Is the school in a natural environment that is calm and conducive to learning?
  • Does the school have international accreditation?
  • The International Bachelor (IB) and IGCSE are world-renowned academic models. Does your international school follow any of these curricula?
  • Is there an emphasis on extracurricular activities as well as science?
  • Does the school focus on the sports your kids are used to (such as baseball, rugby)?
  • Do schools have air-conditioned classrooms because the weather in India can be hot and humid?
  • Does the school have the most modern infrastructure in terms of laboratories and other resources?
  • Are teaching faculties trained to work with foreign students?
  • Does the school serve world cuisine in your cafe?
  • Does the school follow Indian or American years?
  • If it's a boarding school, check if your child feels at home in boarding school.
  • Does the school take care of the child's transportation needs?
  • How will school help make your child's transition to a new environment easier?

If you are an immigrant looking to enroll your child in an international school in India, search the internet to see what IB schools in Bangalore have to offer. Talk to parents of children who attend their respective schools.

Take a walk through the schools you are interested in and take your children if possible. Do all of this before making a decision. In the end, your child deserves the best.