Fashion Tips for Women with an Hourglass Figure

An hourglass figure is the ideal body type. If you are among those who have this character, you are very lucky. You can wear any fashion style with this body type. However, to increase self-confidence, you need to know the right way to stress the body.

Knowing the right method will give you lots of inspiration or ideas for your everyday style. Helping you hide the fullness of your body and show the best part of your figure. To get daily updates about fashion and beauty, you can browse at thebeautytimes.

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The hourglass body goes well with blouses with a neckline or V neckline. This makes your chest and neck look thinner, and you also become thinner. Choosing a lighter top and darker bottoms will highlight your waistline. If you want to show off your assets, you can wear a semi-fit blouse that fits perfectly around the waist.


In general, the hourglass figures are well proportioned, so you can easily show the curves by wearing a skirt or dress with the shoulders. Choosing a soft, lightweight material will allow you to accentuate the perfect shape, especially at the waist.


Cut boots, low and wide trousers can look great on an hourglass body. It matches your silhouette and makes you thinner. Remember not to wear skinny jeans, but it's a good idea to go for a bag with a less style. Simple style is better because your body looks slimmer and thinner.