Corrective Exercises That Are Used In Physiotherapy

The human body is designed to perform at optimal when it has a good posture and position. Over time, most people develop the habit of bending, sitting, and working at the counter in a strange position and unnatural. And soon, a person begins to take on this position in the daily routines and activities.

The body is then get tightened in some areas and gets loose in some other areas. This will cause the muscles to become weak and bring pain to the affected area of the body.

To encounter such problems, you can opt for the best physical therapy through various online sources.

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Some effective exercises that you can do to feel better are:

Foam Roller for gluteals

Modern office work leaves the individual with posterior hip and gluteal muscles incorrectly used. Some muscles are overworked and others remaining lazy. The foam roller exercise will rejuvenate the gluteals and keep it moving appropriately. To do this, sit in the foam rollers by keeping your ankle on the opposite knee. Then roll the weight to butt in the same side of the body as your legs elevated and apply pressure to some sore spots. Patients are advised to do this exercise every day for 1-2 minutes on each side.

Stretching the hip flexors with Rotation

This exercise is done by kneeling on one knee and put the other foot in front for balance. Then tuck the pelvis down by using the abdominal muscles and the gluteal muscles to assist movement. Raise your arm on the same side with your knee’s legs to stretch further. Hug your arms on your shoulders, rotate your body on your front foot. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and repeat 6-8 times per set.