Coaching For Life in Stuttgart

In this regard, coaching is surprisingly similar. Coaching is a fairly new profession that has become popular over the last 10 years. Some people call the coaching of life, others call the executive coaching or even professional coaching munich (It is also known as “coaching mnchen” in the German language). Individuals and businesses use more and more coaches to clarify success and accelerate success. Coaching helps people get from where they want to be.

Coaches are qualified and certified professionals and are generally affiliated with a professional body like the International Federation of the Coach. They have established norms and ethics codes that guide coaches.

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A consultant is an expert in a particular area and advises the customer what to do. In coaching, we believe that the customer is the expert – he or she knows him better than any coach could possibly know them. The coach is the expert by allowing the customer to understand and reach the goals they have in life. Coaching is not a form of psychotherapy either. Psychotherapy is mainly concerned with what happened in your past, while coaching consists of working towards the future.

Coaches help their customers in many ways, sometimes helping people to define better goals or help them better focus on better or faster results. Some customers need intermediate goals that help them get closer to the great things they want from life.