Basic Concept Of Vape Juice In Hawaii

Vape juice is a viscous liquid that is used to fill electronic cigarettes or Vape to deliver nicotine. Not to forget, you can always take vape juice even without nicotine.

The e-liquid is heated in the vape to produce a cloud of vapor. Vegetable glycerin or glycerol is a transparent and thick liquid juice that is usually obtained from soybean or palm trees. You may get more information about liquid vape juice via

Vape Juice

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It can also be made from low-fat animal fats. Many people confuse it with vegetable oil due to its thick and syrupy texture, but VG is not the same as vegetable oil. Glycerol is water-soluble while vegetable oil is not.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is recognized by the FDA as a “generally safe” chemical for human ingestion. However, the health effects of inhalation of glycerol or VG are not known.

VG affects the amount of vapor generated due to the viscosity of the liquid. The higher the VG ratio, the more cloudy it is. Those cloud-chasers will use a higher VG ratio in the sub-ohms to get larger and plum clouds.

Due to the thickness of the VG, this will make it harder for your vape coil which can lead to dry hits. Thus, the higher VG ratio for cotton in your Vape coil will take longer to saturate.

Its also important to mention that VG will make it harder to clean your tank compared to PG because of its clear consistency.