Amethyst Engagement Rings – These Beautiful Purple Stones Look Good on Everyone

With so many engagement rings to look at and choose from, why not be different and choose amethyst for the stone in your financial engagement ring? Amethyst is the birthstone for February, and if it's her birthday in February, giving her an amethyst purple gemstones engagement ring is extra special. 

Greek mythology tells of how this beautiful stone was made and how it was made because of its purple color. Amethyst also has deep religious associations and many religions use it as a symbol of spirituality, sincerity, and chastity, all of which are important to couples getting married. 

Purple is also believed to represent the royal family. Give the amethyst ring to the queen of your heart. Most amethyst is purple, from light purple to deep, rich purple. However, amethyst can also be available in green. 

Amethysts have a score of seven points on the hardness scale, so they are an excellent choice for jewelry that is worn every day (opals are one and diamonds are ten). Amethyst, like diamonds, can be cut into any shape and placed in any arrangement.

Amethyst is not only a birthstone for February but also a gemstone for your sixth wedding anniversary. Although amethyst is not as expensive as diamonds, the price can vary due to the size and color of the gemstone you choose for the engagement ring.