All About Mechanical Lock Replacements

After working out at the gym, you return to your locker and find that your wallet and watch are missing. How did it happen! Wardrobes, lockers, medical cart, etc. Usually locked with a standard mechanical lock.

Over the years these "mechanical locks" became less expensive, resulting in duplication of work and fewer lock codes. You can also look for the top lock replacements via an online source.

lock replacements

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Many people find that other people have their keys, or that both have the same key, so there is no security. This paves the way for "electronic lockers" which can provide more security at a reasonable cost.


The CL1200 electronic cabinet lock fits into standard mounting holes for mechanical locks. This makes it possible to convert electronic wardrobe cabinets into existing cabinets and lockers, saving health club owners huge amounts of money.

To attach an electronic lock to the cabinet, the mechanical lock is removed by loosening the fixing nut. The electronic lock is installed by drilling 3 holes with the template provided and installing a new lock. This process can be done without removing the locker door.

Why electronically:

Today, people are very comfortable with electronics for almost everything they do. Some of us cannot live without our electronic devices. Think about your home, car, and smartphone. Everything we use seems to be electronic. So why not lock the wardrobe?