All About Digital Marketing Agency

Probably you don't like those technical matters and thus you have handed over the marketing and promotion work of your website to any digital marketing agency. That's great! But, being the owner, at times you need to interact with your marketing team and obviously, at that time you'll get overwhelmed with the technical terms. Believe us, there's no rocket science here.

If you still try to avoid it, there is a great chance, your competitors will overtake you soon. After all, being the domain expert, you need to get involved in their strategy development process to make it foolproof. so, let's know about some of the basic and essential SEO tools.

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Google Analytics

It's a free tool that every website should have, no matter you have a WordPress, Magento, or Java website.

It's developed and managed by Google. By incorporating this tool with your website, you can get access to the statistical report of your website from Google's database. What type of reports can you get? Ranging from the total number of visitors in a certain period, browsers used to access your website, country-wise visitor, devices used by visitors to report regarding the position of your keyword, you can get all these in an easy to understand format.

Google Keyword Planner

Choosing the appropriate and most efficient keyword set for your website is highly important. While there are websites that claim to provide you with the best set of keywords for you, there is literally no competitor of Google Keyword Planner. And above all, it's free to use.

Actually, it's a part of the Google AdWords tool; but you can use it directly. There are tons of information available with the tool and other websites regarding how to use, says an expert at a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. Read them for better results.