All About Different Types of Cylinder

Call it a hydraulic motor or hydraulic cylinder, it is basically a mechanical actuator used for giving unidirectional force. Hydraulic cylinders are used in various applications ranging from construction equipment to civil engineering. 

There are many companies that also provide hydraulic design services (Also Known as “ บริการออกแบบไฮดรอลิก “ in the Thai Language), particularly made hydraulic cylinders for various fields such as agriculture, industry, forestry, human lift and grass applications. 

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The following is a run down of several types of cylinders available in the market.

Welded cylinder – This cylinder is shorter and narrower than the tie rod cylinder. This cylinder provides stability. The design includes welding heavy gauge steel tubes with steel end caps. 

Tie Rod Cylinder – These types use one or two tie rods to provide stability in the hydraulic cylinder. Usually four tie rods are used to accommodate the tip cover together but in large cylinders 24 tie rods are needed because of the manufacture of large internal pressure.

RAM Cylinder – Here the cylinder itself is like hydraulic RAM which is actually a device where the piston rod’s cross sectional area is more than half of the moving equipment cross sectional area.