Why Non-Marking Forklift Tires Might Be The Perfect Fit For You

Non-marking forklift tires are made by combining synthetic rubber with some white silica gel or resin. The end result is forklift tires that are white/grey in appearance and leave no black marks on floors during operations.

You are probably wondering what are the benefits of these tires, let’s look at some of them.

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Improved Fuel Efficiency

One of the main benefits that come with non-marking tires is their ability to offer much lower rolling resistance. Normally this would mean less energy loss as the tire rolls ensuring less effort is used for that same amount of work.

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The improved fuel efficiency then results in lower fuel consumption which has both environmental and cost reduction benefits.

Good Traction

They also have the advantage of offering good traction which is quite advantageous when you are operating in an environment that is a threat to stability.

Better traction in tires is important for safety as it makes it easy to control and stabilize the forklift. 

Cleaner Working Environment

Non-marking tires lack the soot that is generally added during the manufacture of tires that leave them with some desirable attributes.

One of these attributes is the inability to leave marks on the warehouse floor during operation. It gives them an edge in warehouses where food or medicine is handled and hygiene is a major requirement. 

Therefore, there is no reason for not considering non-marking tires. They are perfect if you want a cleaner working environment and better fuel efficiency.