Thumb Sucking: How To Help Break The Habit

As a child, thumb sucking is quite natural and can help calm and soothe them, often to sleep. But as the child grows older, it can cause problems.

Sucking can disrupt the proper location of primary teeth, causing major misalignment of teeth. This may result in the need for a brace or development of lisp, which can take years of speech therapy to correct. You can also buy thumb sucking guard by visiting the Amazon Australia website.

It is important to help them because separating your child through shaming or force is not the right way to subdue their urges, and they can backfire. So, what can you do instead?

Make it a team effort. Instead of directing them to leave, ask them questions that guide them to the result that it is the right time to stop.

If they have no idea, then offering a solution is better than an order. It is as simple to put Band-Aid on their thumb.

Praise them while they are not sucking the thumb, instead of scolding them when they do.

If you decide to go the way of putting a tasteless tasting thing on their thumb, do not use anything spicy. Use something simple like lemon juice, or vinegar, but only if the child agrees.

Noticing the trigger in your child is also integral to their success. Do they do it before bedtime, or while watching TV? Perhaps they do so when they are anxious or depressed. Paying attention to these and trying through one of the above methods will help them feel like a team effort.

Above all, it is important to live with your little patience and don't be hesitant to offer appreciation and maybe even a reward.