Sock Etiquette – For Men

Socks are a subtle but considerable part of your look. Of course, there are not many rules to follow. There are very few simple key points that need to be addressed. While the rules for socks are not abundant, there are a surprising number of people who break them every day. Remember, certain socks are only for special occasions and certain colors are only for special outfits.

o Please note that white socks are not a proper formal dress. Leave it for sports activities. Remember, people notice your socks when you sit and cross your legs. Throw it away or keep it close to your casual or exercise clothes. White socks are for children and the gym. The moment a woman sees you wearing white socks with shoes, you can be exposed as a wimp. To know more about men’s socks, you may navigate to this website.

 Do not wear sports socks with your formal dress shoes.

o Rolling the socks to the ankle makes it look scruffy and sloppy. It also makes your ankles look thick, especially when you wear slim-cut pants. Also, hairy legs exposed in a corporate setting is a huge detour. Her raised socks create a smooth, continuous silhouette, so see you're UP!

o Since socks wear a lot, it is recommended that you change them at least once every six months. You must have a minimum of five pairs to get going. 

or socks with shorts? It is a big no. Violates sock etiquette rules. But, if you want to wear socks, try those that reach to the ankle and don't slip out of your sneakers. And also avoid socks with sandals. Reflects an immature appearance.