How To Construct Joint Filters?

Glass joint filters are an underrated part of the common smoking experience. They increase co-smoking in several ways that many people aren't aware of. The premium quality glass joint filter improves the structural integrity of your joint.

When properly attached to the holster, the crutches (filter) will act as a support for your joint. The filter also acts as a trap for Scooby's treats between your lips and any unwanted floral or resinous residue.

1. Choose Material – Almost any type of thick paper or cardboard paper will do. Most of the people worry about inks or chemicals having an adverse heat reaction.

If you're concerned about this, make sure not to find paint or ink construction paper, but cereal boxes, notes, magazine subscription cards, and more will work fine. You want something healthy that won't wither when you swallow your saliva.

2. Make initial folds – Make several (2-3) initial folds of the accordion on one side. Do not fold this fold as this can reduce the airflow through your filter.

3. Wrap material – Wrap the folds of material tightly. Roll the extra paper around the folded side of the crutch.

4. Wipe off excess material – Wrap remaining material until it is firmly in place. Remove additional material.

5. Get creative – There are hundreds of different ways to design crutches together. Get creative and claim crutch maker god status in a circle.