Know About Bed Bug Symptoms

There is a real, physical symptom which will help you determine if you are suffering from fleas. Homes that are heavily infested will often have a sweet, musty scent that may even be described as offensive. The odor of bed bugs released through their scent glands.

Additionally, you may find feces, dirt stains, or blood in the bed and furniture, but you can also look out for bed bug nymph shed skin. It is often found in cracks and crevices near or in your bed. Always check all the furniture in your home and bedroom and wallpaper, bed springs, and clothing for reddish brown stains. You can get more details about bed bug symptoms via various online resources.


Remember, these pests are nocturnal insects so if you have an infestation you will usually notice the bite in the morning. Bed bugs have beaks like proboscis they use to pierce the skin and suck your blood. Adults can live up to 18 months without eating, which makes them more difficult to destroy.

If you know that you have an infestation, contact a pest control specialist immediately. You will not be able to destroy lice on your own. Pest control professionals have the necessary tools and knowledge to find and destroy these pests, but even they have to repeat the treatment sometimes to completely eradicate lice.