Top Advantages Of Sealcoating Your Asphalt Pavement Harrisburg

It may come as a surprise that many maintenance property owners and homeowners in concord have little understanding of the importance of the sealer coating. Asphalt pavement in simple terms is rock or stone that is glued together with a binder or also known as asphalt cement. 

Glue is made by the process of distilling some crude oil. It is important to keep these binders in good condition to maintain the overall surface quality of the asphalt. 

Factors such as U.V. Radiation, chemicals and rain can destroy the binder and thus cause the degradation and brittleness of the asphalt. To reduce the harsh effects of these elements, it is important to develop a maintenance strategy that uses a waterproof coating to extend the life of your parking lot or driveway.

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Advantages of sealing layers

Minimize repair – compaction reduces the need for asphalt repair. Regular entryway maintenance can prevent more costly damage.

Weathering – Compaction helps compact asphalt and prevents weather damage.

Oxidation Limits – Compaction inhibits oxidation of asphalt.

Enhances overall beauty – sealing improves the appearance of asphalt pavers.

Resistant to Damage – Due to compaction, asphalt is resistant to damage from gas, oil and salt. They offer a wide range of services from crack repair to surface repair, pothole repair and other forms of asphalt repair.