Rural Marketing – The Go Rural Mantra

India is a country with a different culture, language, and ritual. Under these circumstances, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of differentiating their offerings according to the Indian market.

With around 70% of India’s population living in rural areas, the need for one hour for traders enters this market. Driven by the green revolution, the purchasing power of rural populations has grown enormously over the years.

The demand for rural industrial and urban products is growing accordingly. In this context, a specific marketing strategy was developed, namely rural marketing. You can also choose strategic rural marketing of Ascent Group India.

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But rural marketing is often confused with agricultural marketing. While the latter relates to marketing rural products to urban or industrial consumers, rural marketing involves the delivery of raw materials or services that are produced or processed to rural producers or consumers.

Strategies to increase rural marketing

Given the environment in which Indian rural markets operate and other related problems, the time needed is to develop more effective rural marketing strategies that are consistent with rural establishments.

The strategies discussed here do not apply universally, but they depend on product characteristics, rural target market segments, rural area choices, and the economic situation.

Some typical characteristics that affect rural market segmentation are land ownership models, irrigation systems, farmers’ progression, and harvest models.

Small farmers, agricultural workers, and artisans make up the largest segment of the rural market (around 2/3), where rich farmers make up one-third of the rural market.