Exploring Yourself Using Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), is based on the conclusion that our psyches are composed of different parts or sub-personalities, and provides a powerful method to work and heal our parts. One aspect of this is how we explore ours.

In most forms of therapy, when we work with a psychological problem or reaction, we analyze either intellectually or emotionally dive into. To know more information about internal family systems workshops, you can visit https://www.neshimahealing.com/internal-family-systems-ifs/.

internal family systems workshops

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In some kinds of therapy, you understand each reaction or feel using what you know about your mental makeup and you can feel or guess the game. For example, if you have a part that feels unhappy and upset whenever you are judged by somebody, you may remember that you have found much of your father and figure that the sensitivity of this part comes from this story.

This rational approach is a great first step, but it is too based on conjecture and theory and it can not give us a complete nuanced understanding of a part. And even if our assumptions are correct, we are not in direct contact with the party or his feelings, it's so hard to heal.

In the example above, you would live this experimental part, feel in your body, and dive into the depth of the pain it feels for trial. This approach recognizes that you can learn more about the game by allowing your ideas to flow from your experience.