Commercial Cannabis Greenhouse Systems Worth The Investment

For a greenhouse grower, you have many responsibilities to juggle while running and expanding your grow room operation. Lowering your energy costs, keeping an excellent product, maximizing profits, and increasing yields all factors in your company's success.

However, all these goals can become more difficult to achieve the bigger your operation becomes. Choosing the perfect commercial grow operation setup, however, can make a major difference.

Environmental Control Systems

Maintaining adequate moisture, airflow, climate, and humidity levels is crucial for proper plant development. With the ideal environmental control options set up, it is possible to efficiently control and fine-tune these to meet your facility's particular requirements without additional labor.

Many automated irrigation systems on the marketplace can read your plants' pH levels, moisture content,  and electrical conductivity (EC) values.

Storage and Security Systems

Cannabis plants hold a good deal of value, even prior to the drying and supply stage. For this reason, it's always a great idea to include added security measures in your greenhouse. Following your crops are finished growing, consider keeping them in a secure vault to keep them from unauthorized personnel. 

Grow Light Lifts

Since many commercial greenhouse growers rely on natural sunlight to fuel their crops, supplemental light is often overlooked. But, adding grow lights in your greenhouse can significantly improve return rates year-round.

More often than not, greenhouse cannabis plants suffer from mild deprivation in the colder months. By dispersing the light throughout your canopy, grow lights make sure your entire harvest has been tended for, such as dead zone regions which are frequently missed under restricted sunlight in the winter.

When looking for a high-quality lighting system, you might realize that each has its pros and cons.